Pro-social behaviour = brighter future

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25 Eyl 2015

Pro-social behaviour = brighter future

Researchers who followed a group of children over a 20 year period have confirmed that kids’ social skills can have a big impact on their success in later life – even predicting if they will go to university, do drugs, or need government welfare assistance.

The study of 753 kindergarten students, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that:

  • Kindergarten students with positive social skills such as sharing, cooperating with others, and helping others, were more likely to pursue higher education and get well-paying jobs.


  • Kindergarten students with weaker social skills were more likely to drop out of high school, abuse drugs and alcohol, and require government welfare assistance.


The great news for parents is that Triple P can make it easier for parents to develop these skills in their children (even for children who are struggling to manage their emotions and behaviour).


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